i have started writing recently and would love some feed back.

here are some things i've written (warning some explicit lyrics)

looking back all i see
are shadows of a person
someone i used to be
laughing at the pain i see
but wishing back my misery
all i want is what i was
a shadow stalking never to be seen
never spoke a ****ing word
but this is what is me.

but all i am is smoke and mirrors
all i do is advocate your fears
who are you to blame the devil when you're the worst of it
beating round the burning bush
but you're full of shit


but all i am is smoke and mirrors
beating round the burning bush
advocating hate and fears
sinners need a little push

wicked walkers
living liars
council of the scoffing friars

let your innocence be known

wipeing slates to throw their stones
wearin proudly your crown of guilt
bloody hands hold your throne
tearing down everything you own

all i am is cloak and dagger
coming closer ever fasterer
your a leader full of shit
but im too stoned to care
your a ****ing hypocrite
im a martyr left to hang
but im too loved to care

Your the beast we love to hate
but we're afraid to hunt


obviously its unfinished and i reuse a lot of lines but im just trying to find a nice flow. tell me what you guys think and feel free to be brutally honest