Hey all! I recently asked about which Epiphone guitar to get and i decided on Epiphone Standard. Unfortunately im in Germany now and there are no Gibson or Epiphone dealers around so i got a family member to go to a store in a bigger city.

Anyway she went in and inquired and the guitarshop guy said a i would be better buying a Rally Les Paul or a Burnys which are higher quality and (apparently more expensive than an Epiphone) and they are illegal to sell. (legal mumbo jumbo) After i got a phonecall from the family member i was very sceptical. Is this guitar dealer just trying to sell a piece of crap?

I assumed the best copy of a Gibson Les Paul would be ... an Epiphone as its sponsored by them.

Should i totally avoid these guitars?

I don't want my family member to get tricked into spending a fortune for something which isn't genuine!


Oh i actually found the website of the guitar store:


What are your thoughts?
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I just order a Epi online somewhere and pay for the shipping, you know your going to some a quality instrument from Epiphone. BUT, the Rally guitars do look really good, the GL-300 looks sweet


Sounds good, so its really your choice i guess
Burny > Epiphone (MIJ that is)

Google is your friend.
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I´ve never heard of Rally, but if you´re ok with buying guitars without seeing them then just order online. Thomann ships free to within Germany.
Dunno what Rally is, but Burny makes some pretty decent guitars, or so I'm told. Play them if possible, see what you think.
Never heard of Rally, but Burny and Tokai and a couple of other companies started making copies of teh Gibson Les Pauls back in the 70s. They were really good copies but they were also almost identical in appearance to the Gibsons, even down to logos being styled to look almost the same, so in the end Gibson took them to court to make them change their designs slightly - so those pre-court case guitars became known as lawsuit guitars - which may be what the shop guy meant by them being illegal. As far as I'm aware they aren't illegal at all though

Anyway, Burny and Tokai make some very good guitars - at least as good as Epiphone.

Whatever you get, you should go try it out first though and make your own opinion.
Personally I would stick with the Epiphone.

No matted what you need to try these guitars out though. Having someone buy you a guitar or ordering it online without trying it you might get something your not happy with.

With epis you really have to play em before you buy em. Their consistancy in quality is pretty bad. The rally in your link looks like a nice guitar. Dont know their quality compared to epis.
The guitar shop is talking perfect sense, apart from the bit about them being illegal ,makes a refreshing change from the douches who try to push Line 6 Spiders onto all and sundry.
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burny actually endorsed zakk wylde before gibson, they make amazing copies, its actually a fernandes brand, japanese epiphones and elitists are really the only good ones ever made, id look at burny for sure, and in germany copy right laws from gibson shouldnt apply, thus the reason esp can sell all their models there. orville, tokai, burny, edwards, all great japanese brands
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I assumed the best copy of a Gibson Les Paul would be ... an Epiphone as its sponsored by them.

Actually, if anything they'd be worse because they're sponsored by gibson. If you were gibson would you want a copy coming anywhere near the quality of your original guitars?
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dont listen to people telling you whats better and not.

There are lots of les pauls copys out there and whats your fav comes down to you, do a little research on them