Hey, I have a Ibanez RG321MH, a Line 6 Spider II 30, and a Line 6 Pod X3 live. My tone sucks balls, should I get a new amp, or is it the fault of my tones I've put in?

(I don't have any samples, all my gear except my guitar is at my parents house at the moment)

The crappy tone from the Spider is understandable, but the Pod X3? I thought the POD models sounded quite good.

But your amp definitely sucks
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trash the amp, get a keyboard amp and then learn to use the models of the Pod X3 Live.
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a modelling pedal through a modelling amp would never sound good. Although your tone may sound better if you bypass the spiders preamp and use the pod like that. You could still use a new amp though.
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The Pod X3 Live is an amazing processor. There is a video on youtube called "MEtallica tone from a Pod X3 Live"
See it and follow those instructions
the tone is orgasmic. IF you have a home theater system or computer speakers, plug into them and play with your POD
I have a sample clip in my profile from a song im currently working on for a band demo. The guitars are POD tone and the drums are ezdrummer. It's not quite mixed yet, but it was just for demoing the tone of the POD Farm
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so should I get a keyboard amp as Slicer666 suggested, or shall I scout the local music shops for guitar amps?
Keyboard amp might be better because it won't colour the sound of the Pod and will be more neutral. You could also run it into your computer speakers or Surround sound system if you have one
just get a set of headphones if you're just practicing by yourself for the moment. they will sound optimal rather than running the POD thru your spider.

I don't really know if a keyboard amp would be the best route.. considering it'd then be a one trick pony. A lot of decent guitar amps come with an FX loop. plugging your guitar into a pod, and then the pod directly into the FX return, routes your signal directly to the poweramp section of the guitar amp, also leaving your tone relatively untouched.

and then if you sell your pod later on down the road, You'll have a guitar amp you'll be happy enough with, and you won't have to try and sell a keyboard amp along with the pod to try and pay for your new guitar amp.
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Alternatively you can get a an amp with an FXs loop and run it directly into the power section of the amp or just buy a power amp. I have a Pod X3 and a Krank Rev Jr. and that's what I do. Also try just playing the Pod into headphones, I do that the majority of the time and it sounds great.