Basically there is one going for £180 in a local pawn shop.. I'm ready to buy it but there is one problem.. there seems to be a background noise with the amp, it sounds like feedback but it isn't.. asking the pawn shop owner wasn't very successful so I thought maybe some people on here who spend their lives building amps e.t.c would have an idea about this?

Thankyou for any help
Odd noises like that would be too risky on a SS amp. The Maxwatts are not terrible amps but not of the usual Hiwatt standard and really, about 300 to 400 is top price for one in perfect order. Could easily cost the difference or more to get it right and have a not great amp.
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Thanks for your info and help however I'm really set on getting this.. hes throwing in an ibanez 4x12 cab with it aswell for bout 50 quid extra.. anyone else have any ideas about the problem?