Should I get the Peavey Valveking 112 or 212 for xmas?
Roughly AU$1000-$1500 max budget.

I ask because I'm in a band, and we might have our first gigs lined up for after Xmas, and the other guitarist in my band is most likely buying a half stack soon, which I fear will drown out the rest of us.

Also, I need a new amp for gigging anyway because all I've got at the moment is a shitty 15 watt Ibanez amp.

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Get the 112 and do some mods to it.

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112, it's just as loud as the 212. The 212 just pushes more air. New speakers are a common upgrade to the Valvekings. With a 112, it's much cheaper to upgrade. Plus, you can always plug into an extension cab if you need to push more air and 112s are lighter and easier to transport.
I'd go for the 212 because it has a fuller sound with the presence and resonance EQ's, and a VK 212 can easily compete with a half stack. They are ****ing loud. But a 112 i'm not so sure.

I got my VK in aus for 1000 new, so it's not busting your budget to get one or anything.
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err, does it have to be a Valveking? They're pretty mediocre amps.
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If your going for a Valveking get the 112. I have a 212 and to be honest the extra 50 watts and speaker are a waste of money. You volume is still limited by the drums.
One of the other guitarists in my band has a 42 watt 112 combo and he is still setting his volume no where near the max.

The highest I've had my volume on a gig was 6, and that was to loud.

I think someone else mentions speaker swaps. Thats half price on a 112. As are power tube swaps.

Also, those things are a lot heavier than they look, its more convenient to carry around a 112.

But, check out other amps in your price range.
The 212 is a beast to carry around and I have never been above 3 on the thing for shows.. The 112 is much easier to travel with, cheaper to mod, plus you can always get an extension cab down the road.
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The 112 didn't seem that loud to ME. I got break up around 4 on the clean channel and it wasn't blowing my lips over my head or anything.