Hey guys. So im going to be customizing an Epiphone 1966 Sg, and i can't decide whether or not to put Duncan Blackouts, or Duncan Mustaine Livewires in it. Im looking for something that will make my leads cut, and will still keep my rhythms very fat and distorted. I've never had too much experience with either and cannot decide. So suggestions? My playing includes: Soundgarden, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, and things around that more sort of heavyness.

Also if someone could maybe tell me the best tuner heads to buy for it as well? Thanks =)
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Bear in mind that KK and Glen have used EMG's in the past. They used the 58 model, then upgraded to either the 81 or 85 when they were released.

People will probably flame me for this, but I find the EMG 81 to be the most cutting pickup available, moreso than the AHB-1, and the 85 is definitely the fattest and nicely compressed for rhythm. Having said that, the EMG 60 is great in the neck, too, but you won't get a pleasant clean out of it.
Ah i should have said this already, lol i use EMGs in my other guitars. So i enjoy them. this is more of my chance to see what seymour duncans are really like. My bad. But thanks still ^_^ Personally i enjoy the 60
Are you gonna go my way? ...No seriously dude, are you? Cause i gotta get a ride
ive never had an experience with the blackouts but on the topic of tuners i can tell you that sperzel locking tuners are amazing. I own a set and they hold tune great and make string changing quick and simple.
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Thanks! Very much!

Now pickups anyone? =D
Are you gonna go my way? ...No seriously dude, are you? Cause i gotta get a ride
well i got a Jackson Kelly with a Blackout at the bridge and i like it more then my hellraiser C1fr with the emg 85/81 set in it

there only one thing i like about the EMG"s thats the clean sound is better that the blackout

but my personal is the blackout

why dont you try out a guitar with blackouts ?
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I think Glenn Tipton has Blackout pickups in one of Hamer Phantoms. I noticed in a photo of the recent tour that one of his Phantoms he had EMGs and the other Black outs.
Take a look at this pic. The pickups in this guitar are obviously not EMG, but are Black Outs.

But on this pic they are definately EMG.
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EMG's are great as long as you're able to stick a 9v/18v switch in there. Gives you more tonal choice.

If for some reason i couldnt do that, then i'd go with blackouts.

I'm not a real bg fan of actives if i don't absolutely know that they are necessary anway Takes a lot to get all the conditions right.
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