ATK - Brilliant bass guitar, lots of attack and an incredibly clear tone, one of the most versatile basses on the market and the quality is on par with far more expensive basses. The reason I'm selling it is personal preference alone. Its in perfect condition except for plectrum scratches on and above the pickguard. Photos are on my profile.
£300 ono, I'm selling in the hopes of getting a 5 string of a similar quality, I'm looking at the Ibanez BTB305 and similar so I'm open to trades.

Also for sale/trade, an Ibanez Weeping Demon (WD7). An excellent wah pedal that you can spend hours fiddling with, there are videos on youtube showing how much you can playing with. Only problems I've found is that 1. There's no place for it in my playing and 2. It eats up batteries pretty quick and I don't have a power supply for it. £50 ono, again I'm open for trade for any interesting pedals (I'm on the lookout for a decent Octave pedal and a Modulation pedal of some sort.)

Any questions: email me at jonsparrow15@hotmail.co.uk rather than PMing. Postage is free so long as you aren't overseas.

Cheers all
Spaz, you got email on the wah (if still for sale).
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