So I now have learned the pentatonic/blues scale in all positions how do I properly use the scale?
I downloaded a few backing tracks but not sure how to turn the scale into music.
Can I just use any of the notes at any time?
The backing track is in A 12 bar blues. A7 D7 E7

Any suggestions?
With the blues scale, the b5 is nearly always a passing tone between the 4 and the 5. You hardly ever want to sit on it too long. Also, the b7 and b3 can be bent slightly sharp, but not all the way up to major intervals, just halfway. You can play any of the notes, yes, but try to finish on chord tones like the root. This will make it sound less like random noodling and more like you know what you're doing.

Good luck!
Listen to how the scale sounds and the things you can do with it, listen to your backing and put the two together, choose what you play based on how it's going to sound over that backing using the chords as your reference points.
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I thought every note in the pentatonic will fit over all chords though
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I thought every note in the pentatonic will fit over all chords though
Some notes will sound better than others depending on the chord your playing over. Your best bet is to try it for yourself. Record say 30seconds of 1 chord, then try the scale over it. make your own judgement about what sounds nice. Make up some licks you like. Then do the same with another chord.
Quote by statocat
I thought every note in the pentatonic will fit over all chords though
With the pentatonic, this should be the case most of the time, but with the blues scale, the added note can't simply be played because it is out of key and will create a lot of unpleasant dissonance. It is most commonly used as a passing tone between the fourth and fifth (as has been mentioned).
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I would say listen to the blues scale master of disaster angus young and pick up some things off him and clapton also
All the things above are true, but when starting out I think you should just play around on the backing using all notes on all chords to at first give you confidence with using a scale. You'll naturally notice that some notes don't really fit, and will learn to keep away from them in the future.

So put on the backing and jam away!
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If you are new to blues scales for guitar, then I highly recommend that you go through the following guitar lessons first. Once you’ve done that, I’ll meet you back here…
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choose notes from the scale that sound good with da chordz.
Also a good exercise is to do a relatively fast lick that is not hard to play(depending on your techinque) and change it when the chord changes.