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A Capella is ****ing terrible
21 25%
It's OK.
40 48%
I love A Capella.
23 27%
Voters: 84.
And it's ****ing terrible. I mean seriously "Under the Bridge" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in A Capella?

Anyway, to save this from a "cool story bro" what are the Pit's feelings on great songs being murdered by A Capella?

btw Here is link to the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" my mum is listening to:

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The SLTS you posted is a lot better than some of the others of it I've heard. They've actually put thought into production.
A Capella versions of songs can be quite good, but they have to capture the mood properly, in his case i don't think the "dig-a-ding" really captures cobains guitar part...

EDIT: i thought wise guys version of thriller was quite good (yes i know it's in german here...)
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Exactly, it doesn't matter if there is thought there (which is there, don't get me wrong) it has to sound GOOD. And "dig a ding" doesn't exactly cut it imo.

Just ****ing wow....

EDIT: The "Battery" one that ChucklesMginty posted was actually kinda cool, though very unusual at the same time.
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Oh Christing hell....



Although I hate that particular cover, Van Canto really is a talented group. They are a good example of a capella music.
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Wow, that Smells Like Teen Spirit is awful, but some can be really cool. Mostly original songs, not old grunge songs, I mean, what the fuck?!
That just sounds funny to me
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Wow, that Under the bridge cover was absolute shit.
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The "Battery" one was kind of interesting. The others made me rage.
I saw a really good youtube video of a lot of different old video game tunes done a capella... I would try and find the like, but I'm lazy.
If it's done right it's awsome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpIlMsiEfsw
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Anyone got that A Cappella band that did versions of "The Trooper" and Slayer songs that were actually rather epic?
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GOOD A capella, this Van canto and the worthless peons/blanks. Those are decent A capella, most of them are just wrong

I hate acapella, but this changed my mind. This was music, not parody.
A cappella itself doesn't bother me, but a cappella groups are some of the goofiest ****ers on the planet. The exception is, of course, Rockapella. Those guys were badasses.
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I saw a really good youtube video of a lot of different old video game tunes done a capella... I would try and find the like, but I'm lazy.

I found it when I found this thread earlier but stupid browser wouldn't let me post...not sure if this will post...kept saying "invalid thread".

EDIT: Yay, it worked! Here's the copy/paste of what I tried to post a couple of hours ago.

"I thought this one was pretty cool, though speaking as someone who did choir in high school, I hate the "choir singing voices" used.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSBIAGCulDw "

doublEdit: Darn, someone else posted it

Here's Thriller http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shdnv1GYClA&feature=related
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