Hey everyone i'm a beginner guitarest and i just wanted to ask.

Does anyone else find it hard to sing and play guitar and the same time or is it just me?

thanks for the help
no its not just you
it happens to most of us, even though get used to it more easily.
Try to know the songs by heart(to play) and then focus on singing. Try singing along with the original

Also, dont try to pick up difficult songs, it will only make it worse

EDIT: dont start with this
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i can do it with some songs, then others give me trouble. practice the guitar and get to know the riffs so you can play them in your sleep. then it makes it easier to sing while playing.
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It'll become easier as you improve. If you're lucky, you might get to Alexi Laiho's level where you can shred and sing.

Alexi Laiho is bad and his guitar work is shit'
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Alexi Laiho is bad and his guitar work is shit'

Don't do that.

You can say "I'm not really that fond of him, his technique isn't for me..."

Or even "I can't stand that guy or the way that guy plays."

But what you said was childish, and against the rules.
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