Nice way to rip of Daughtry ; ) Just kidding

In all honesty, I didn't like it much. You need to inunciate more when you sing, so it doesn't sound like marbles are permanently fixed in your cheeks, it's really evident in the chorus. I saw the edit point going from the verse to the prechorus, and there was a HUGE tempo difference. Also, even though it was hard to understand the words, I could tell that some of the lyrics were wrong.
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yeah was weird cause she liked us both but she loved him and for some reason she let me know beforehand.

i just wanted her poon and she wanted me to have her poon.

so i had myself some poon.
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Dude, if you were a lesbian asking out another lesbian in a man forum we would be going crazy too.
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just because you're a girl and you get more pussy than me doesn't give you the right to brag.