of the same old metal shitt.

and ideas on new songs I can learn, open to any thing heavy, standard tuning or 1/2 step down recommended though.
drop a#!!! drop a#!!! drop a#!!!
any of in flames' stuff.
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I don't like that thread... There isn't any metal....
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and then there's free jazz, which isn't even for musicians.

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As my old guitar teacher once said: Metal really comes from classical music. The only difference is pinch harmonics, double bass, and lyrics about killing goats.
Try different metal genres and people that doesn't play the standard style? Tool may give you a challange..
Why don't you actually look at other genres other than metal? Metal isn't the only technical proficient genre. Try some of Shawn Lane's stuff.
Try a new genre and mix it? Make it interisting?

Well try slayer, mettalica is too easy and it gets boring. Not a fan too...
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Cynic. I'm getting into these guys and learning some songs...they're uh, different. Jazz fusion mixed with technical metal. It's difficult but very satisfying, and very fun to play their stuff. I recommend you try Evolutionary Sleeper, Celestial Voyage or King of Those Who Know. They're easier than some of the other stuff, imo.