Hey all,

Just got some money...and looking to buy a new amp to upgrade from my Peavey Vypyr; Looking at all-tube combos in particular, the tubes' do have a distinctive sound. Doubt I have enough for a half-stack or anything of that sort.

Into playing Pearl Jam, Tool, Metallica, Pink Floyd, and the heaviest I'd get is Mastodon.

Budget is around 400-600$ ish.

I'm seeing the Black Heart BH12-112 Handsome Devil Combo for ~449.99, and it sounds pretty nice ( watched a few youtube videos with it). What's it mean by solid state rectifier? Still an all tube?

But if someone knows of a better amp of the styles I play, or just a good amp in general, I'd like some more input from anyone!

Thanks all

:Oh wow, just found the Peavey Valveking 112. Now that looks good, too!
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Solid state rectifiers are actually pretty common. They are still considered all tube. Some of the anal tone purist freaks might disagree with that but if it has an all preamp and power amp tube section it is considered all tube.

The Blackheart and Valveking are cool but may struggle with Tool and Metallica on their own (meaning without pedals). I own a Valveking and if you go that route you need to budget in a new speaker imo but that is true for most low end tube amps. The stock speakers they put in the VK are not worth the shipping costs for me to ship it to you for free.

Other options (and you really need to go play some of these) would be the Blackstar HT5, Egnater Rebel30, Peavey Classic 30 and new 6505+ 112.

Actually all of these will need an OD pedal minus the 6505 for Metallica and probably Tool.

PS: I'm sorry she left you.
Thank you!

I'll have to look up those amps now; Going to head to Guitar center tomorrow...

Now to work up the balls to play in front of people...


Oh wow, the 6505 and HT5 both look like cool amps...leaning towards the HT5. Will just have to play'em tomorrow.


No problem
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ha ha

can you go early in the day...and ask a manager right away if they could help set you up...they will if they are not busy and if your nice.

I've found that in places like these, if you just tell someone strait away, or call in advance, and tell them you need to try these 3 xxx amps they will help you out. Get some time in the loud room if you can. Good luck and report back.

Vypyr 60 is cool too if they have one. They probably will not have any of the 1x12" speaker version of the 6505 as they are just now leaking out. I think you'll like the HT5 mini stack. See what they have used too and write your thoughts down as you go. I do.

I just found the HT5 combo, but then I googled the half-stack...
What's the advantages to having a half stack as opposed to a combo? Besides it's cooler look .

Now I'm leaning towards that >>. Just gotta play it tomorrow!

Good advice on calling ahead of time, never thought of that.
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if you get the stack, you can always sell the Blackstar cab and get a better 212 cab or something.....I think that would really improve the tone of Blackstar.

If I got a Blackstar right now I'd get the head, and then a 212 from Avatar or a used Mesa cab or something.

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Guitarcenter was pretty rad, guy helped me out and set it all up in the store. Got to keep a pick, too.
Only cost 500$

Can't find wire cutters >>, deal with the indie machinehead.

Amp sounds great, too. Going from SS to Tube is noticeably better.

Had to sneak it in to my lofts. On a college campus, and Amps aren't allowed in here. Attendant lady asked what it was, and just said it was a sound system...kinda.


Glad no one around played guitar
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That's a killer story. Nice amp, looks real sexy. That is the one I played. Goes well with your guitar to. Really cool man. Congrats. They have a 15% off coupon good for today...did you get that deal?

Happy New Amp Day

PS: GC gives free picks to everybody
Seemed to have missed the 15% coupon! They had that deal going on when I got my guitar a while back too, though.
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