It's an acoustic sketch of sum'thing i'm working on,
please let me now what you think

Drop me a link and i'll be glad to check out your stuff!
sorry for the late reply mate. The voice is nice. I think it all needs a bit more reverb and mixing. What are you intending o do with the song? The melodies cool, think it will work well,
^ I agree, the song is structured pertty well, and the voice is great, but it sounds more like an electric punk rock song than an acoustic one, prolly cause of the bar chords you used.
But I would add some reverb like ^ suggested.

crit mine?
Like the song. Your voice is nice, you could use a little work but it's good. Chords are good, and the song is structured nicely. It feels kinda baron though, it seems like it would work better as an electric song with bass and drums and such. And like they said some reverb would help.

If you could crit mine that would be great. If you want I'll crit another one of your songs if you check out mine, since mine's on the long side. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1233594