Does anyone know cool youtubes or websites with original blues licks for the intermediate or advaned guitar player ?

Klaus Tol
If you're an intermediate or advanced player shouldn't you be making your own up?
Hi zhilla,

I make up my own stuff as well, but it also nice to get some inspiration once in a while.

Ideas you might not come up with yourself.

Klaus Tol
Yeah I'm searching for this too, but the best tip I can give you (works for me) listen and look to your fav guitarist and listen to what he plays, try to copy it and you will have a nice lick from yourself that has been inspired by your fav guitarist = a lick you will like = hawt!

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they aren't going to be original blues licks if you copy them, but i think your ears are going to be the way to learn licks. As mentioned above, listening to your favourite players and trying to transcribe by ear their licks will help develop your ear, and you probably won't be exactly copying someone elses way of playing.
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