I've been looking for a nice delay/looper pedal for less than $200.
I have two in mind (Akai Headrush E2 or a Hardwire DL-8), but am open to suggestions.
Anyone know which one would be better?
Not sure about which is best of those two, but look at the boss DD-7 for looper functions, and TC electronics nova delay/repeater. Also, EHX deluxe memory man...Just try some stuff out.
I have the the Boss RC20-XL it's really sweet. I got it off amazon for about 189$ I think.
Akai headrush and the hardwire are possibilities like you mentioned, but there is also the Boss DD-7 (cheapest of the bunch, I think) EHX Stereo memory man, Line 6 DL4... those are pretty much all your possibilities. I'm assuming you want digital delay, cause thats all you're going to get with a delay/looper combo... they may have analog settings however.
All these pedals are pretty good value, and are pretty good overall, you just have to see which one you like the best! Or which one you can get a good deal on hah.
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Yeah, I'm not too bothered about whether it's analog delay.
However, I quite want a loop function as well. The 'reverse' mode on the Hardwire might just settle it for me
The Memory Man with Hazarai has a looper function, and from the looks of it, it's a pretty good pedal. Or try the DigiTech JamMan. Great looper pedal, though I don't use mine now really, so you could buy it off me! Haha.
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Oh damn, the EHX Hazarai does seem really good.
This is just making it harder to choose. >.>
Headrush, reverse delay is pretty much pointless.
I heart my headrush, seriously underrated pedal. The delay settings are great, you cant get so many tones out of it and the tap tempo is really usefull. The high frequency damp is a great touch for those alogue-y sounds. The looper is very easy to use, over-dub infinately, 24 seconds of loop time, 12 seconds with overdub.

FYI, you won't find an analogue delay with a looper.

I haven't tried it out against the hardwire, though i find with stuff like the DD7 and other "multi delays" that most of the settings don't sound very different and can easily be programmed in with the headrush anyhow.

Hazari might be a good choice, though then again i haven't tried it.
DD7 is magical, man... You have a lot of choices for how long etc you want the delay to be. As that other guy said, RC20XL is good too. I just got it. HELLA lot of recording time - 16 mins, and it can save 11 seperate tracks. I think you can track, like, 4 on each, or something?
But if you're just looking for a short loop, DD7 will do the trick as well, it's both.
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