Music: post grunge,. brit pop, metal, pop rock, pop
usage: small volume home practice, and to be mic'ed in gig


1. Laney Cub 10

saw the demo, both clean sound and driven sound are OK, carriable to gig, and oh my god it is tube!

2. Laney LX35D

sound demo is OK, bout clean and drive, more difficult to carry
tired of finger speed exercise and turned into slow blues improvisation lately
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Peavey Classic 30


I'll add the Vox Night Train, Bugera V-series, Vox AC15, and the Crate V-series/Palomino to the list too...since theres no budget given
Dude, we need your budget.
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yeah budgets a neccesity...
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I've tried the Laney Cubs and i honestly don't think they have enough gain for metal. You might want a dist./OD pedal in front of it if you want to achieve anything heavier than Iron Maiden. For the other musical styles you suggested I think it can do just fine.

Laney solid state amps...I've tried them...stay away!!!

Since I know what's available in Tom Lee I'll chip in some amp suggestions all around the same price as the ones you suggested:

Vox Valvetronix VT30
Vox AC4? (cannot do metal)
Line 6 Spider Valve...perhaps...though I don't really like this amp.
Line 6 Flextone III....expensive but VERY versatile and sounds great.
Roland Cube series
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