Im looking for a new amp to replace my Spider II, but I need a FX loop on it as I still want to use my Pod. As most of the tone will be coming from my Pod, I'm guessing it doesn't need to rape the souls of all mere mortals that cross its path in terms of tone, but I still want a good amp at the end of the day. Being a uni student, my budget isn't sky high, but I'm willing to spend around £300, or maybe a bit more if I wait till the summer.

The stuff I play ranges from stuff like Bon Jovi & Def Leppard to stuff like Sonata Arctica & Steve Vai (well, I can't play any Vai, but eventually!!)

Perhaps a Peavey Classic 30?

EDIT: If you will be using the POD for dist., then maybe a Laney VC30. It has very good cleans.