2 year old line 6 spider 3. nothing at all is wrong with it. never had any problems except that i dont like the way it sounds.

what should the best price i can get?
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You should expect a slap on the wrist for ever owning one of those pieces of trash....just kidding,kind of...

Like Chuckles said there really isn't a point in selling at all, you won't get anything. If you know a kid that needs a practice amp they might give you $50 for it but that is about it. I would keep it to use as a practice amp in case you ever need to leave an amp at a bandmate's house or you move to college and want to leave an amp at your parent's house.
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Depends on the wattage of it...But you probably won't get much.

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15 watt....

50 is half what i paid. so yea....

i mean, id rather have a marshall, so that 50 could go into it, so i wouldnt have to pay full out of pocket.

i kick myself in the ass everytime i plug into it. its horrible.
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Holy ****. **** you. You ****ing ****.
oh wow.... i fell in love with the mg 30.... its clean was pretty warm and the overdrive was fairly decent to me....
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Holy ****. **** you. You ****ing ****.
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mg 30.... its clean was pretty warm and the overdrive was fairly decent to me....

You need to hold onto the Spider until you develop ears. If you think the MGs cleans are 'warm' then you have no ear for tone... Sorry I'm not trying to be rude but the MG is horrible. This is debatable, but because of the features I'd take a Spider over an MG anyday.
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Unless its electronic drums.

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you deserve to keep your spider for saying that

well, i only use the clean and insane, and the clean is too crunchy i think.

the marshall cleans up the EMG i got in my strat and it sounds good. The spider sucks balls with a emg all around....

*ive tried out a few. i like the MG30....
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Holy ****. **** you. You ****ing ****.
If you like the MG go for it, but don't say we didn't warn you. I just don't really see it as being an upgrade, i'd pick the spider over the MG just for all the features.

I had an MG. After i went down to the store and played some proper amps I realised what a peice of shit it really is. I mean the cleans weren't bad, but that distortion channel sounded like a tin full of bees loaded on viagra. Granted the new MG's are supposed to be better. But I've not tried em, i'd stick with something more reliable.

Maybe look into the valvetronix or vypyr or a low wattage valve amp depending on what kind of music you like.
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