well, here's my problem: i have seen already on several youtube channels that the picture on the background can be seen through the modules (is this how they are called in english?), like, if they were transparent or translucid, and the links, the comments, the profile info, the video player and everything else are like "floating" on the background, how do i do this?, is it with a html code that i have to enter in the "module color" area?, or is it with a special software or some?, please help!, my pictures can't be seen because the modules cover them, and just a lil pice of them is shown thru the lil space between module and module :S

sorry for my bad english and thanks for ur answers
At the top of your channel below the youtube searchbar, you'll find a Edit Channel section. Click on "Themes and colors", then click "show advance options". In the advanced options menu you'll find the transparency setting.
OMFG!, that was so ****ing easy!, mmmmi think i know what happened....
my bacground was black, and my modules were black, i tried to upload a pic but it was too big so it didn't upload a thing, i thought it was uploaded so when i began to mess with the transparency thing, i kept seeing it black, then i cme here and posted this thread, well, thanks anyway man!
greets and have a good day!