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so me and my friend where talking about films and couldn't agree on who the hardest film character ever was. my money was on rambo while his was on james bond.

just wondered what you guys where thinking...

... discuss
Have to say Bruce Willis.

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Darth Vader I'd have to say
Hull City A.F.C

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John McClane. Not only was he one of the most badass badasses of all time, but he that badass with no shoes on. The man ****ing walked on glass!

how do you edit a thread to put a poll in it? :S
im abit of a forum noob atm

ta guys
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I suggest nicola teslas powered radiation death ray mounted on an orange, top secret, neo-nazi flying swastika

rambo in a jungle terrian fight would destory, james bond in being a cheesy womanizer who drinks only the finest lady drinks wins the STD fight.
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John McClane. Not only was he one of the most badass badasses of all time, but he that badass with no shoes on. The man ****ing walked on glass!


What about sawing off your own hand, replacing it with a chainsaw, and just fighting evil spirits and demons and sh*t? Not to mention time traveling to the most metal era of all time: The middle ages.

Ask the KGB thing. Opinion questions usually get interesting responses.
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good shout, hes deadly with telephone wire
can't exactly argue with that
Steven Seagal

They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

Don't dress as a whore, he'll thump you.

I'm a firework, primed to go off
how about we change it up, discuss 2 people, things or anything in a fight and pick a winner, sounds more interesting then just randomly putting out tv mastermind killers
Rocky Balboa would kick anyone's ass. Sure, he might not win the first fight, but give him another hour, a few boring scenes with his nemesis proving what a dick he is and a training montage set to a kickass 80s rock anthem and he's ready to kill.
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ok then

maximus off gladiator vs king leonidas off 300

sound good?

Maximus. King Leonidas seemed like a little bitch to me.
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Megatron vs. Solid Snake.
Who would win?

Megatron fo sho
he can turn into a jet ffs
Uh oh Looks like we have a disagreement

Funk-E-Munk, icaneatcatfood lets settle this like real men....get out your pokemon cards
I dare you guys to say you have actually seen someone LAUGH/SMILE while hanging on a loose rope above a bridge. Thats badass

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Your last job only paid you $7.00 AUD an hour? That's like $6.05 in the US. What the hell is the minimum wage over there?

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