Hey, I've seen my guitar teacher today and found out what kind of stuff I need to be able to play to get a Grade 6. He played me this unknown song that sounded like Muse with interesting guitar parts obviously, and a solo and stuff like that. The entire solo was played in a 7/4 Time Signature and it completely stumped me. I'm familiar with strange Time Signatures like Dream Theater and stuff like that, but I've never really learnt how to play a song with an odd Time Signature in it before.

So basically my question is, can anyone suggest any cool songs I should learn (for practice, so I can get used to it) with a 7/4 Time Signature in it?

i know the bass in money by pink floyd is in 7/4. thats all that i know though, sorry.
good luck though.
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Money by Pink Floyd. You'll have to note the changes to 5/4 in the verse (it changes from 7 to 5 back to 7 a few times), and the change to 4/4 for the guitar solo. If anything, it'll help you even more with time signatures since it changes (the riff's simple enough for the changes to be easy).
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Outshined by Soundgarden is (partially) in 7/4.
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That's 7/8 as opposed to 7/4.

Sorry, I'm pretty sure it's 7/4... Just pay attention and you will see
Pretty sure the Suggest Me a Song thread is in 7/4.

Not really, but that's where this thread belongs.
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