I bought this amp used and I've had it for over 3 years. Its been giving me trouble for a while now. The amp itself turns on and there is power. I plug my guitar in but it doesn't play. It works when I wiggle the guitar cord in the input jack a little bit, but it usually cuts out again immediately. Especially when I play it loud. I think maybe some of the wiring inside is loose? I opened it up to check but couldn't see any noticeable problems. Has anyone had this problem before? I'm low on money and I dont want to take it to a shop if it's a easy problem I can fix myself.
I have the same amp and its been fine for me. Some of the problems might be the cord you are using.
Obviously Fassa.
Yeah have you checked your cables? Thats normally our biggest problem next to a loose jack insert on the amp, which is also an easy fix.
i'm no expert on amps, but, like Rock In Rio said, it could be your cable, which should only cost $20. i don't know if it could be the tube, if it is a tube. it also might be the fuse or something. i would almost definitely say to try a new cable before anything though.

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