My band needs a backup vocalist, and so I'd like to see if I could do it. Could you tell me how my voice sounds and what I could do for improvement? There's a recording on my profile of You're Gonna Go Far Kid.

Also, I know I messed up a couple of times.
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I'd say not as this moment,
you're very out of time and lack confidence in your voice, it's just not very projected.

But there's definitely room for improvement, and it's all a matter of practice.

I think the out of time was a bit due to the fact that I couldn't hear the music all that well. How can I get more confidence in my voice? I can feel that I'm restraining myself a bit, but that's as loud as I can get my voice it seems.
A few good confidence builders:

Record yourself at regular intervals. You hear a positive progression and you KNOW you're getting better.

Record yourself, but do punch-ins and overdubs to build an 'ultimate' vocal track. Listen back to it. Get to know (a) that you actually CAN and DO sound good singing and (b) how you sound when you DO sound good. It gives you a positive mental image, and it also sets the bar for you to reach and exceed.

Your confidence is really key. If you think you can do it, you probably can. If you think you can't.... yer effed.

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