I recently had an accident with a pre-amp tube in my orange rockerverb 50.
The tube cover wont stay in place because the base is missing the little tab that holds the cover on. So one day when trying to put it back on the tip of the tube broke off.


I went to the music store and asked for the tube (JJ electronics ecc83) and the tube I got was an ecc83s. Is there any difference with the "s" vs the ecc83 that came in the amp.
Ive searched but cant find any info or specs on the ecc83 tubes.

I was also thinking about replacing all the tubes at some point and was curious if any other Orange RV50 owners had any suggestion. I would like a little more gain out of the amp if possible.

Thanks for all input
The ECC83S is JJ's version of the ECC83. In other words a 12AX7.

The JJ ECC83s is the highest gain current production 12AX7. JJ also makes a ECC803s which is supposed to be the same tube with low noise filaments.
What type of gain are you looking for?
You could possibly add a bit more gain, but those orange amps have a very specific voicing and if you're looking for a 5150, Mesa, Marshall tone, then you're probably not going to get it out of an orange amp.
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Thanks for the info. I thought the original tubers were JJs which is what rose the concern with the "S", I may try the 803s when I change all the tubes.

I love the tone from the orange, just looking to get a tad more gain. When jamming in our practice space it just seems to roar bass. I know the cab contributes alot to the bass (The orange 4x12) would just like a little more high gain out of it if possible. I have the EQ rolled up on high and mid with the bass cut a good bit as well.