Poll: Do you stick up for your fave. band?
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Yes, I stick up
212 77%
No, I dont stick up
62 23%
Voters: 275.
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first off all sorry for the bad English,


Yeah, do you get deffensive if some one says your fave. band sucks?

I used to with my friends when they used to say Metallica suck and I used to be like no they dont and give out reasons but now I find it funny when people say it and kind of join with them lol.

Also if they say that your fave. band sucks and they give out reasons and you dissagree. do u still stick up for them?

So yeah do you?
That's a lot of talking to ask a yes or no question.


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My fav band is System of a Down, I can understand why some people don't like them much but I don't get defensive. I just say "well I like them a lot they're my favorite band " and pretty much end it there
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i do get very defensive when people offend my favourite band (metallica also XD). people just need to learn how great they really are
yes. yes I do.
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No not at all, I don't care about other people's taste relative to mine and anyone who does is unintelligent.
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If people don't like my favorite band, that's their loss.
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

People who wouldn't like my favourite bands don't know who they are.
And people who like my favourite bands can't deny there talent and awesomeness.
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i do get very defensive when people offend my favourite band (metallica also XD). people just need to learn how great they really are

I smell a 11 year old youtuber

And I don't get offended, you would have to be dumb to get mad over someones musical opinion
Not really, although I don't exactly have a 'favorite band' at the moment, I don't expect everyone to like what I like.
My favourite band is The Beatles, so the people who critisize them are usually wrong.
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i get angry when people simply say "THEY SUCK", instead of "i don't like them" when they have never really heard a lot of the bands songs.
I don't mind if people do not like my favorite bands, but I admit that I do pick apart their reasons (if there aren't reasons then I just ignore them as trolling). I guess it is people making comparisons that are huge stretches is what pushes me into total defensive mode.
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if someone tells me REO speedwagon sucks to my face i'll knee them in the balls and stomp their face.
im just like 'NO THEY DON'T SUCK' and usually throw a tantrum and storm out of the room slamming the door as a symbolic gesture of my distaste. (I do this in real life when someone on the net says they suck )
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my favorite band is a french band, so a lot of people bash them
however, i love them so much that when people bash them, i do stand up for them and get angry.

my ex favorite band was AFI, but i changed my mind since then. i guess people are right, two emo vegan dudes fighting backstage about who's eyeshadow looks better is kind of creepy...
Meh, everyone in my school either loves BTBAM (very low number, just a few of my friends) or don't know who they are at all (most people), so I can't say I've ever had to defend BTBAM.
if they dont like the music, thats fine. i just dont like it when they go out of their way to put down the band.
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Sure. When I was twelve.
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I do get kinda burned when people hate on dance music because they don't know anything about it, but if they give it a chance and still aren't a fan it's no big deal


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I only play bots. Bots never abandon me. (´・ω・`)

I don't have a favorite band. I'd probably stand up for some artists I liked, but not all of them.
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also if you dont like btbam, you are wrong.
/ignorant statement
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if someone tells me REO speedwagon sucks to my face i'll knee them in the balls and stomp their face.

REO Speedwagon suck
If someone doesn't like my favourite band, then fair enough I'll respect their opinion. But someone who says that they suck is a dickbrain in my book. You have your opinion, I have mine. I don't force mine on you, why must you force yours on me?
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i just accept others opinions, even though they're all wrong!
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yes. chuck schuldiner was a god.
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