Alright, so hopefully I will be getting a 6505+ head soon, and I was kinda stuck in a decision due to a deal on a mesa cab. My question is:

Will there really be any significant sound difference between the peavey cab the 6505+ comes with and a mesa rectifier cab?

Thanks for the help.
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The 6505 cabinet really isn't that great, but the Mesa Recto cab sounds awesome with high gain amps.
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I don't know what the differences will be, but I'm pretty sure they'll sound quite different... But I don't really know much about cabs so you don't have to take my word for it
Indeed there will be!

Personally I'd go for the Mesa, have never been blown away with Peavey cabs.

Cab's play a massive role in your sound, the difference could be between a thin tinny sound, and a duvet thrown over a cab with a fat guy stood infront for good measure...

Make sure you can play your cabs first (if you can), because what I find a better tone, you might hate!
Yep get the mesa if its cheap. Also check out vader cabinets, sound awesome with 6505/+. (theres tons of youtube stuff)