I like it. A lot. It's nice. But get rid of the drums, now! They ruin the song! Reminds me a bit of CoF, except for the end, which was major. 10/10 like it should be, -10/10 with drums.
Oh, and, C4C?
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Didn't like it much myself. Piano was somehow boring. also choirs had too much power.
What style are you playing? I agree that this sounds a lot like a Cradle of Filth intro, which is pretty cool because their intros are always very atmospheric. Take out the drums, too. The timpani is enough for percussion. You could, somewhat, replicate the sound of the timpani by hitting the low tom in a live setting. That is about all that should be used.
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I'm going to go ahead and go against the grain here and say keep the drums. I mean obviously you just put it into GP to get it down, in the actual mix of this, just be sure you turn the choir down considerably and keep the drums nice and distant. reverb that shit, blah blah, but for now its just a GP and as it is, It's a great intro, it'd catch my attention right off.
ok, so i sorta agreed with you guys on the drum beat, but i didnt want to get rid of it entirely, since i think it creates an atmosphere of anticipation. so i just toned it down a little. i also turned down the choir. (in other words, i actually polished up the rough draft i submitted :P)

those of you who commented, thanks. you dont need to comment again, but i did fix it up

edit: btw ulalume, my band is post-hardcore/screamo.
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This is simply amazing, I really can't think of another word for it. You really outdone yourself kitten lol. I was actually going to listen and crit just so that I could get a crit back, but now I have this song saved in my favorites. Nice job, you changed my cold intentions


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