No, I haven't skipped any grades. I went to my neighboring highschool, as I will be attending their next year. But i randomly walk up to the conductor( because there were all he different jazz instruments. Tramnbone, saxophone,drums,guitars, the whole 9 yards) And asked him if it was okay if I played drums for a song and to my disbeleif he says YES!

So i walk up their, and the drummer who was actually the drummer for the band was all mad, and distracting me the entire time i was up their. But he let me play the song.
So i randomly go up their and play something like keith moon would've done, accept a lot simpler for 2 reasons( 1; less skill 2; less drums )

So basicly, keeping the beat but adding in a lot of crashes and snares and a few extra drum beats every once in a while. And this was the senior Band! the 12th grade guys and they were all high fiving me after the song and everything!

This is by far, the favourite thing that has ever happend to me while on the school clock!

btw, the drummer was doing the stop signal 4 times to em during the song, and like, saying stuff into my ears and stuff. You know, the signal where your arms are crossed and then you uncross them.


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well congrats man, i would have joined my schools jazz band but they really arent fun people, and i like to make music fun

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I started playing guitar for my high school's jazz band in the 7th grade. It really pushes you musically, it's great experience.
cool. i got first chair as a bass player in my jazz band freshman year. its a fun experience.
That's awesome... I played bass with the jazz band in high school... they weren't very good.
my school doesnt have a jaz band, you guys are lucky









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By the way, you'll never get into a real jazz band by playing like Keith Moon
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