I've found an old Aria acoustic for $65 in a local pawn shop is it a good deal? It looks like a Gibson Hummingbird copy. I know some lawsuit era electrics are worth money. It looks like this might be a lawsuit era acoustic so I thought it might be worth something, too. It was made in Japan. The serial number is 05780213. I found one on ebay with a buy it know for $478. So what do UG's acoustic experts think? Is it worth anything?

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Well I bought it. There's more pics in my profile if you want to see them. The tech at my local shop is gonna hook me up with a bone saddle for it. He said I was lucky SOB and tried to buy it from me. Thanks to UG's own Invader Jim, I'm pretty sure it's a '78 model. He linked me to a site with some info on Arias and other MIJ guitars.
HNGD! It looks pretty nice.
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Thanks for that link. There was actually a few links with pics that looked close to my guitar. I think that comfirms that it's a late 70's model but I'm still not 100% sure on the exact year. From the research I've done I don't think there's anyway to tell the exact year. The serial numbers range from 6 to 8 digits and there's no way to tell what each digit means.
Aria started using serial numbers in the mid-1970s, and models before
this have no serial number. Several different schemes have been used
for serialization.
Guitars built between 1979 and 1987 may use either
one of these formats:
YNNNNN or YYNNNNNN. The first one or two
digits indicate the year. A 79XXXXX would be a 1979 and a 2XXXXXX

This is from

I don't know if that helps.

cranium2001, I had already read that stuff about the serial numbers. It also says: Keep in mind that several variations have been used and anything is quite possible. (Source: Michael Wright/Aria). The first two digits on mine are 05 and I know it's not an '05. They didn't make anything close to mine in '05. Of all the pics I've been able to find mine looks closest to the '77 model. I couldn't find any pics of a '78 and since mine is slightly different from the '77 I think it's a '78. The catalog from '77 is the only one that had it listed as a AF225 model. The other years called it various other names. My local guitar shop researched it too and they think it's a late 70's model too.

I got a new saddle made for it. Here's a new pic.
I've just bought a beautiful Aria AW 300 x with blue abalone inlay for 300 Euros . It plays great so i don't mind if I 've lost dough but i'd like to know if i have
Congratulations that is a good score.
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