I'm in the market for a new amp that can do a lot of different rock style. I play what would be considered screamo/metal (bands such as The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage, As I lay Dying, etc). I also play new age rock and alternative that wouldnt be considered as intense (Foo Fighters, Taking Back Sunday, Franz Ferdinand). You cant forget the classic rock (AC/DC, Guns n Roses).

The amp i've been after so far is the peavey 5150 or 6505. i've read mixed reviews about the 5150ii and 6505+ but i think the originals are better. Are there any alternatives that i should know about? i want it to be a combo amp and it seems to me that the 5150/6505 is the best suited combo amp i just want your guys opinions.
I've used a 6505+ to play some classic rock covers and my own songs (metalcore/deathcore). As long as you have some nice pedals you can do pretty much everything with that
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Thats good. for the price i can find them for on ebay its seems like the way to go is peavey.
I have a genz benz el diablo but its a half stack, super versatile, I want to get a smaller rig myself
B-52 at 112, 212, or 100?

It's a rectifying amp that has great jazzy cleans and can go to almost mesa quality brootz.

I'm thinkin about pickin one up(349$ for the 112 and it's tube!)

But the 6505 combo looks promising and priced nicely
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Check out the Peavey XXX used....

What's your budget?
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Peavey 3120, i think its about the same price as a 6505+
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