so i have a really bad line 6 spider amp and i was thinkin of gettin a pod will this help my overall tone or will i need to get a better amp to even think of playin live
proabably not alot im only 14 and dont have a jod probably 200usd and i play hard rock 3 days grace breakin ben hinder papa roach
i'd say you should get a better taste in music rather than new equipment, that's probably why it sounds terrible.

but to be honest, for the kind of bands you play and your age i dont think any new equipment will make a difference that's worth the money you're paying. at 14 most live shows you'll play the equipment will be provided. wait until you have some decent money - save up your wages or whatever, then when your 17 you'll be able to buy an insane amp, much better than doing a few small gear upgrades and wasting your money.
why get a pod when you have models and shit on your spider?

ditch the spider and get a decent amp
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