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im 17 and getting a job in probly less that a week
ill be toilin part time at Riebes.
what about you guys?
Local convenience store, i make grinders, sell people smokes and lottery tickets for minimum wage.
nope 17 and no job... i kinda wonder what im gunna do in 50 some odd days when my parents kick my ass out
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will be part time pharmacy technician in 2 weeks.
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Holy ****. **** you. You ****ing ****.
17 and have 3 jobs. one of my own (mowing lawns), being a cook at the local restaurant, and running the board at the local radio station (which is where i'm at now!!!).

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I work at Subway part time with three of my friends.

There's no cameras and shit all to do most of the time. It's ****in sweet.

Also, buying this guitar tomorrow with my paycheck. Another perk of being employed.

nice, i got the V-500 a couple years ago
I'm 17 and I just got a job working as a schematic designer
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I you for posting this.

<-- Pretty much sums me up


^ I was there
No gainful employment right now unfortunately. I'm in Uni and volunteer in a few places but that's about it. I get the occasional gig that pays for beer money.
I wish I had time for a proper job.
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im 17 work in the family Chip shop :/
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yeah... i'm almost 18, and i bag groceries at the local store for minimum wage. its easy work though, and i make enough money to get by with.
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job? theres no such thing... its a myth
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I'm 19 now, and I work for the Computer Science department at UNC Chapel Hill (where I am also a student). I started working there are the beginning of last year. I work with the Technical Support Center there.

Edit: I also make surprisingly good money for a student job, which is why I still work there after a year and a half.

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I'm 18 and I've had the same job for 4 years, I hated having to rely on my parents for stuff, I see those kids that have all this crap and havent worked a day in their life. If ya got a job I respect you, it shows your responsible.
I would have liked one a couple of years, but I really couldn't find any that fit my school schedule. I'd like some money now, and since I'll turn 18 in December it'll be a lot easier getting one, but as it's my final mandatory school year, I'm probably going to focus all-out on that until the summer.

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I get a few jobs now and then. Usually somthing manly, like changing tires or wrestling bears.

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I'm a girl; we are too weak to have jobs.

You could work as a stalker.
18, no job. Been trying slightly.
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I get a few jobs now and then. Usually somthing manly, like changing tires or wrestling bears.

You could work as a stalker.

I already do
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I already do

Oh, I've noticed
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Oh, I've noticed

i stalk you too... i mean, ummm...










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Oh, I've noticed

*enjoys stalking people because it weirds them out*
*visits your profile again*
I work part time in ASDA

Well.. at weekends when I'm off uni.
I'm 18, first year of college, have had the same job working retail at a hockey arena for about a year and a half.
I'm just about 18, and unemployed as of yesterday. Quit my job at Hungry Jacks, **** fast food
full-time student. taking 19 hours next semester. trying to get a part-time job working third shift for a cab company here. also going to offer private guitar/bass lessons.

i's gonna be bizzay.
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