So i have an ltd mh-1000, which is a pretty nice guitar, but i'm not sure if i'm 100 percent pleased with it. When buying a guitar I tried out the Ibanez s5470 and liked its build except i wasn't used to how thin the neck was. For this reason i bought the mh-1000 because i was more used to the meatier neck. Now i am having second thoughts and am thinking about selling my ltd and buying the ibanez. I figure i could get used to the slimmer neck after playing it a while. I am not too happy with my ltd because of a few reasons. for one, the active pickups (emg 81/85) don't do to much for me, especially since i don't have a tube amp. Also, I really liked how smooth the neck of the ibanez was compared to the ltd neck, which is glossy, which makes it stickier. I just wanted some more opinions on the ibanez from anyone who has either owned the S5470 or played it. I was wondering how the ZR2 compares to an OFR in terms of flutter effects, sustain, and how well it can stay in tune. I have also heard that the ibanez has some sustain issues, which could be a big turn off.
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The cheaper S series don't have the best sustain but the top of the line ones (which that on is) are fine. The trems sustain fine but have a different feel and are very difficult to flutter. The necks on those guitars are godly though, and the comfort is amazing.
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It's a great guitar. I personally don't like the neck, but it is an awesome guitar. The only thing I don't like about it are the neck and the pups. The trem is really good. It's more simple to work then an OFR. I haven't had any sustain issues with mine.

I'm selling it if you're interested.

(sorry if I shouldn't have said that.)
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Both are nice guitars. It comes down to preference. The LTD has a slightly beefier C shaped high gloss neck vs the satin finish on the S series. The neck is super thin on the S series and the body thinness is pretty awesome. Both have great trems and will stay in tune with abuse. One thing to consider is that the S series has cheap pickups, so you will want to swap those out. Also, I think the 5470 had some sustain issues where some notes rapidly decay (search Youtube)...but that might have since been fixed.

I've played both and personally prefer the Ibanez if they are the same price. But given the going price now, an MH-1000 can be had for $600 whereas the 5470 will run around $1200. I don't think the 5470 is worth double the price though.
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i guess the main thing is that i don't really like the emg's all too much. they just don't sound as good as the passives in my gibson. they lack warmth and aren't as loud. but i hear its possible to easily change tunings with the ZR2 which is great because i'm stuck in standard all the time with my ofr. I am also really attracted to the satin neck because it is so fast. I just wonder how easy it is to adjust to the thinness of the ibanez wizard neck.
i have the 5470 with upgraded pick up such as dimarzio breed, yjm single coil and sd blackout. the result is super awesome!!!
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The Wizard Prestige neck is a strange neck. I don't really think you adjust to it. I bought a strat and needed something more shredable so I looked into RGs since I always loved them. The neck didn't feel that great. It didn't fit my hand like a glove as the strat did. But playing it was 10 times easier so I bought it. I still don't think it's the most comfortable neck but I want every guitar to have a Wizard Prestige neck. I'm even selling my strat to get another Ibanez Prestige.

For me, the Wizard Prestige feels like nothing is there. It's just my fingers and the frets. There is nothing slowing me down and no friction whatsoever. I can't really call it comfortable because it feels like I'm playing on air most of the time. But when you can feel it like during massive power chord sections, it's not the most comfortable neck in the world.

It took me a while to actually fall in love with it since it was so different from what I expected from a neck. It doesn't want to be held. The first thing we do when we pick up a guitar is to hold it by the neck. The Ibanez neck wants to be invisible and out of the way. It's only there to hold the truss rod, fretboard, and tuners. It doesn't want to be comfortable, it wants be transparent. It wants to let your fingers dance freely without anything in the way. I still can't call the Wizard Prestige comfortable, but everything else I play feels like there's something hindering me.

It's not really about adjusting to the neck, it's about adjusting to the concept of the neck. I didn't really like it much when I got it, but once I realized what they were trying to do and that they succeeded, I was in heaven. Adjusting to the neck is easy, but you have to understand that it's not like other guitars where the neck is meant to be the thing you hold on to. That's hard for a lot of people to grasp (pun). If you understand this you'll be much better off. You can't really compare it to other necks since it doesn't want to be like them even though there's nothing radically different about it.
do what i did, shell out for the flamed maple top'd S5470F, it plays just as amazingly and looks so nice
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Want a real sustain fix for this guitar? I have one and it sustains forever. Check out the following link... it points to another thread in this forum where I outlined the steps that need to be taken to fix this... its not a simple thing but once done the difference is tremendous:


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