Howdy, Well I finally have to admit to myself that I am an acoustic player and not electric. So I would like to offer up my electric in trade for an acoustic guitar or mandolin.

2009 Epiphone Dot Studio with upgraded Vintage Vibe Guitar pickups in the neck and bridge and pots changed out with Gibsons. The Epi is still like new with no issues at all, no fret wear, no cracks, no dings ect. Plays and sounds great. Will come with a Roadrunner gig bag and extra set of strings.

The pickups come with extra sets of magnets so you can change them out yourself from Ceramic-8, AINico II, AINiCI III or AINiCO V. So you can dial in just about any tone you like from Jazz to metal. These pickups cost 174.95 a set, plus 29.95 for gold covers, so its a suoer upgrade to the epi. Here is the specs on the pickups....

These pickups allow the user to exchange the bar magnets with ease. Removal and exchange of the magnets does require the pickup to be lifted out of the pickup cavity (the output leads do not need to be unsoldered).
The bridge position HS-90-SW pickup has a DC resistance of approximately 10.4 k-Ohm, is wound clockwise and is North up
Neck position HS-90-SW pickup has a DC resistance of approximately 8.9 k-Ohm, is wound counter-clockwise and is South up.
Adjustable height nickel plated pole pieces.
Custom winding is available for an additional $5.00 per pickup.
9,500 turns of 43 gauge enameled magnet wire is used for the bridge pickup
8,250 of 43 gauge enameled magnet wire is used on the neck pickup
Scatter wound coils
External braided shielded output leads
Grounded shielding surrounding the coil effectively reduces noise from external electric fields
Potted under vacuum to eliminate microphonics
Neck pickup is reverse polarity reverse wound (RWRP) with respect to the bridge
Bridge and neck pickups are wound for good volume balance
Bottom flange of the bobbins is tapped for standard 4-40 mounting screws
These custom pickups will fit in all guitars routed for standard size humbuckers.
Each set of HS-90-SW pickups includes nickel plated 3-48 machine screws and silicone tubing sections cut to the correct length for mounting these pickups to a pickguard or standard humbucker mounting ring.

Can take and send pics if interested.

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pics would be wonderfull...
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Shoot me PM with your email addy I will will get pics to ya ASAP. I Can,t seem to get them posted here, must be a dummy....