Okay, No budget, im only testing the water and not actually looking to build on effects at the moment...

So, What would you consider the Esentials for a Pedalboard??
For someone playing anything from Popular music to Metal and such.

Essential is relative.

Think about what you'd find useful and maybe have one or two 'for fun' effects. Most people use an overdrive, wah, delay, reverb and that's it as far as pedals go, whereas others go all out and have multiple of the same thing for more sounds (two delays is particularly popular for ambient music, and so is multiple fuzzes).
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An OD, a chorus, a delay, a clean boost, a wah, maybe a phaser and a flanger.
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Well, i was thinking probably a Tuner and an OD/Distortion Pedal would be reasonably essential... Maybe a Wah, Seeing as i dont really know what all of the "compressors" and "Chorus" and stuff actually do/how they effect the tones.
Overdrive, Wah, Delay are three most used i think

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overdrive/distortion, delay, tuner (if gigging)
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