Just here for some feedback
I posted this on youtube a while back, but take a look, and leave some feedbacks.

I've been playing for just a little over a year.

I know I suck, and I'm going beyond my limits by attempting to sweep pick.
But I just need some feedbacks on how I'm doing so far.

And theres also a cover of Canon Rock that I did on my YouTube channel. If you have time, leave some feedbacks on it as well!

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pretty good, eze up on the gain tho my ears are bleeding, slow down, make sure you're hitting each note cleanly and at the right tempo.

Metronomes really help
Why should I come down?
From here, I can see forever.
About as good as I can do, and I've been playing for two years. Practice Practice Practice. Work on muting the strings with either your fingers or gently resting your picking hand on the strings.
Take a metronome. Set it really slow (like 40 bpm). Practice at one note per click at that tempo with perfect technique. Then move on to about 44 bpm and do the same thing. Slowly increase your tempo until you reach your desird tempo.