Alright, I've been working on speeding my playing up, also getting things precise and just as little movement.


I saw this video, the part where he moves 1 finger from string 1-6 then back down, then does it with his 1,2 finger, then 2,3 then 3,4 then 1,3, 1,4.
I'm pretty good with solo fingers, my ring is slower than the rest, pinky isn't as controlled. But when I try doing two fingers. I can't do it at all, only with the 1,2 finger. Is there anything that will help me be able to do this? The exercise will obviously help me do it better, but I can't do it. When I try with my 2,3 finger or 3,4 my other fingers immediately slip out of place.
Have you tried slowing the exercise RIGHT down?


you're not going slowly enough.
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Slowing it down def. helped in terms of the up and down motion, but what do I do about my finger not moving vertically. It bugs me that all my fingers can move in any way, except my ring.