Hey my names Dave I live in Dracut im 15 turnign 16 in 2 months go to the voke and i really want to join a metalcore, death metal, or any kind of metal band. I would preferably want to play guitar but i can also play bass and drums. My s/ns is baronvonbadguy3 hit me up and ill show you a demo.

My gear is Jackson Warrior WRMG Emg 81 and 85 with whammy bar
Epiphone Goth Les Paul
Ibanex 5 string bass SD GR
Fender Princeton Chorus Amp
Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 50 watt head and 4x12 redbear cabinet
Peavey 1x12 bass amp

My preferred setup is just my jackson and my mesa. Im ok at bass i can keep up with any guitarist but i use a pick if that matters.

I'd say my skill level is intermediate i can do pinch harmonics very fast diminshed runs
i cna paly fast technical riffs im always practicing im learning sweep picking i can 70% do a basic dminor sweep.

If i was in a band i'd defiantly put in alot of effort.

I know a good amount of music theory like intervals scales chords contructing chords contructing scales and harmonizing and stuff like that.

Im an ok drummer and i have a drumkit with a ton of stuff too much to go through and list but i have a double bass id prefer not to be the drummer but i could do it.

For what im looking for in a band is one that actually gives a shit and will try to get a couple of songs together and stuff and record and practice.

I have an sm-57 for recording and cable i have recording software and i know about basic production so i could actually mix and do all of that nice stuff too.

So if oyur looking for someone you should totally hit me up.

facebook too
hey i got a buddy going to the voke. he plays guitar/bass and i play guitar. we are in search of a drummer