I was looking at some stuff on craigslist and came across a Crate Palomino 32 tube amp for $250. Is it worth buying if I'm looking for something that can get a good clean sound?
This is an awesome amp, and that's a very good price, I think they were selling for 500$ before they got discontinued.
ive never heard a bad thing about em, but idk how much they go for so i cant tell u if its a good deal. see how much they sell for new

edit: put used instead of new, but it doesnt matter now someone already told u how much they sell for new haha

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The Palomino's were actually great, unlike most of the crap Crate has been churning out the last 10 years. Thats not a bad price either.
i have a v32h and cab that cab needs to speakers but it is amazing, I honestly think it might be the best amp for the price.
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You could also get it, then mod it to SLO specs. You could get mad tones out of that, plus enough gain for metal if that strikes your fancy.
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