When you write an instrumental/shred type song, do you actual write all the notes out or write out like: solo on these frets, play this riff, tap here, etc.? Or do you just improvise the whole thing? I write out certain intros, riffs, or any part like that. Then I improvise solos within certain boundrys.

Just wondering what everyone elso is doing

Ok, trying to be clearer. If any of you write an instrumental/shred song (think Steve Vai, Satriani, etc.) and you are going to record it, do you actually write every note out on paper? Or do you write out things on paper like: tap during this part of the song, solo on these 5 frets, move down and solo on these 4 frets, etc., so you can remember what to do later when you record. OR, do you improvise the whole song when you record?
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I'm not sure what you're asking to be honest if u could rephrase maybe I can halp.

EDIT: I start recording then improvise and make stuff up. then I memorize by playing repeatedly and no writing necessary.
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Apply the chords you're playing to a scale. Certain chords will pertain to a certain mode of whatever scale you choose. I usually pick a series of notes, and improvise according to the modes of the scale I apply to the song.

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