I have a few songs I've written. Most of them are pretty vulgar. Some incomplete. Whatever. I'll just make one thread and keep posting more songs as I write them.

Born a Spinless Waste

Crawl away and hide,
A miracle you've survived,
Nothing but a waste of human flesh,
Prodded by scientists.

You sit there all day,
Being poked and prodded,
While you can't do anything,
Why? Because you're ****ed.

Rip the flesh from the skin!
And **** this world up with sin.
You're born a spinless waste,
We don't need you here.
Crawl away, its all you're good at.
We'll hunt you down and rip you,
Limb from limb!

Cut off from the world,
Waste of flesh and money,
We do nothing but experiment on you,
Money could be put to a better use.

Death seems like the only answer to your problems,
You can't walk away from it so why try?
Clutch the gun, seems like a miracle to do so,
Be a coward, no pity for you.

Pull the ****in' trigger, you spineless waste! (x3)

That one's pretty meh in my opinion. I've been told its rad.

The Destroyer

Planets crumble at your command,
No one's willing to make a stand.
Everyone's a ****ing coward,
Nobody willing to fight your power.
The Destroyer! (x2)
All will die at his hand!
The Destroyer! (x2)
****ing die in the sand!

Verse 1:
Toxic annihilation, bring them to their knees,
Drop those nukes and **** them up! Make this world bleed!
Dying children, screaming women, mud staining clothes,
Dust is falling from the sky, feeding death to mouths!
The taste of blood, invades a hungry child's body,
With his first taste of sweet human flesh!


Verse 2:
Insanity follows, the ground covered in festered death,
Panic and mayhem leads to a foul taste with every breath!
Bomb the world, **** this planet,
Turn this place into crumbled granite!
Men in suits invade in stealth,
Just to come inspect this filth!


That one's not done and needs to be fixed up. Those are the only two I'll put up for now.
those are some pretty angry lyrics, i dig aggressive lyrics but those are a bit too hardcore for my taste. Structure wise the first one was great, well i find anyways, im only a guitarist. Pretty bad ass bro.
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