Someone please explains the pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) of recording guitar with the methods I have listed below, please keep in mind that I will be using Reaper Audio software with Guitar Rig 4 VST:

Direct (guitar straight to computer)
  • guitar to amp to computer
  • guitar to multi-effects pedal to amp to computer through line in port
  • guitar to multi-effects pedal to amp to computer through usb port

Indirect (guitar to pod to computer)

Indirect with Mic(usb michrophone connected to computer and mic sitting in front of amp)

Or any other methods that you may know? Please help, I need your opinions?

Also, if this is the wrong forum for this post, I am sorry.
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Micing your amp would sound the best. Your next best bet would be to bypass your pedal and amp and plug directly into your computer via USB and use Guitar Rig 4 for everything, though you'd have to try really hard to get a decent sound out of it IMO.
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i disagree. unless you have a very quiet place to record, micing can add a lot of "noise" to your recording.

if your multi-effects pedal also functions as a usb interface, direct in through that can be a good option. this also allows you to use your amp as a monitor. this may not be the best option though depending on your gear. i personally only have a shitty practice amp so i get better sounds directly out of my multi-effects pedal

TS, if your amp isn't trackable (don't bother micing an MG or the like), or if your speakers are crap (what are they? what kinda' cab?), if you don't have a decent mic (even a 57 can get really great results with good technique)... you're wasting your time trying to get good sounds through the traditional route.

if this sounds like where you're at, plug into your multi (i'm assuming that since you're using GR4 VST that your mfx is the gr4 controller?), which, unless I'm mistaken, should also function as an interface... if so skip the next paragraph.

if you want anywhere near decent quality, you need an interface. you can get decent ones on the cheap from line6, motu, etc... connect your line out to the interface, and from the interface to your computer (check compatability if you're running 64bit).

record your dry signal into reaper. do this so that you have the option of reamping down the road in a non-destructive manner (you never lose the raws... even if they are digital to begin with).

I'm not sure what drivers gr4 uses or what port options it's got, but it shouldn't be too difficult to conjure up a headphone rig so you can hear what you're playing with whatever tone you chose and still record dry.

and do yourself a favor by searching around the recording forum for free plugins and impulses (hint: check out ryan's stash). you'll find stuff there that'll blow guitar rig out of the water, and they're legal.
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