Anyone in the Pit a fan of poetry? Anyone write their own poetry?

I've been writing it for awhile now and it's become a big hobby of mine. Here's a poem I wrote recently:

The rain starts slowly,
a pattering, pitiful pulse so lowly
it is barley felt; my soul staggers not.
With rain still bashfully beating against my arms
my nature holds strong against its subtle charms

The day retreats and the rain advances
It raps and splashes and trickles and prances
About my shoulders; my will fails – I shiver.
The cold rain descends through darkness with haste
But my resolve remains unbroken; of defeat, I will not taste.

As the night draws long the pressure increases
my iron-clad shell falls to bits and pieces
in the rain; it conquers me fully.
Like an advancing army at an unrelenting pace
the rain destroys my sanity in place.

The torrent beats down like a reigning thunder
as I lose the will to fight the siege I am under
Alone, I will die; chilled to the bone.
I fall to my knees and cry for release
but in the deathly rain I find no trace of peace.

And in this dismal puddle where I lay
I hope silently on some distant day
to feel the heat of summer’s May
or be strengthened by the warmth
or subtle kindness of a friend
to walk the streets with smiles once again.

But if this hope goes unfulfilled
and my prayers be all in vain
then I hope one day my blood will course
through my body
cold as rain.

It's not amazing by any stretch but it's decent.

Post your work and/or admire the work of others!
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

-Jimi Hendrix-

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i don't care. if it's going to stir some kind of valuable discussion in the pit, i'll allow it.
You can easily call poetry songwriting. Although it is not exactly the same it's very similar.
Looking at your poem, i reckon you could turn those into lyrics and make your own song easily.

But by all means carry on with poetry as it will help greatly when you're writing your own songs!
Just because I rock doesn't mean I'm made of stone......
In prison cell I sadly sit,
A d-d crest-fallen chappie!
And own to you I feel a bit-
A little bit - unhappy!

It really ain't the place nor time
To reel off rhyming diction -
But yet we'll write a final rhyme
Whilst waiting cru-ci-fixion!

No matter what "end" they decide -
Quick-lime or "b'iling ile," sir?
We'll do our best when crucified
To finish off in style, sir!

But we bequeath a parting tip
For sound advice of such men,
Who come across in transport ship
To polish off the Dutchmen!

If you encounter any Boers
You really must not loot 'em!
And if you wish to leave these shores,
For pity's sake, DON'T SHOOT 'EM!

And if you'd earn a D.S.O.,
Why every British sinner
Should know the proper way to go

Let's toss a bumper down our throat, -
Before we pass to Heaven,
And toast: "The trim-set petticoat
We leave behind in Devon."

-Harry Morant. Probably my most favourite poem of all time.

Coming with a close second is Peter Handcock's.

There once was a man from Australia
Who painted his ass like a dalia.
The colour was fine
Likewise the design.
The aroma, my friend, was a fail-ia.

chedit: I'm no good with poems myself. I'm quite terrible, actually.
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nice poem, btw.
"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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There once was a man in a bucket.
You thought I was to say Mantucket.
But that is the most cliched opening on this earth.
You are now reading this in the voice of Dr. Farnsworth.
Kingdom of Fear

Is this the kingdom of fear
Or the haven of happiness
Is this what freedom is
Or have we fallen off the earth
feeling rather strange
a spider on my back
it's web up and over
thats worth taking
of whats worth leaving
The root of truth
left behind
a dazed and confused
wandering the fields
at sea
on a sinking ship
struck by frogs
and waterlillies
the surface
like fabric
for shirts
Am I terrible
Or am I the Alpha
the Omega
The Great Divine
The wrathful
All powerful
spiritual leader of contempt
and loathing
I am none.

what do you guys think of that?
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i don't care. if it's going to stir some kind of valuable discussion in the pit, i'll allow it.

I have some friends who are pretty good at this poetry stuff.

But seriously, anyone who's interested in poetry should check out the S+L forum.

Just read the damn rules first!

That's all.