So ive been playing for nearly 3 years now, on an Epiphone limited edition silverburst. I play a considerably large amount, and ive pretty much worn the guitar out, thanks to my acidic ph hands, and i want something that'll get me a better tone. Im willing to shell out about 2000. When it comes to gear, im an amp guy, i know my stuff with amps, but with guitars i feel like i fall kinda short.

Amp: mesa boogie dual rec
Play style: Metal, hardcore mainly, but likes to play pretty much everything else
bands like August Burns red, Between the buried and me, Human abstract, A7X (yes i know lol lol a7x lol), Atreyu, AILD, all that good stuff.
I would like a tremolo, not required,
at this point im really willing to try any guitar

The reason im asking here is around my town you've got a gc and then...a gc... and a local music store where i can play a squire and thats about it. At GC youve got high end Gibsons, fenders, and prs, thats about it.

What guitars worth finding and trying for my style, and is worth the money
K so you need a guitar with a tremolo hmm shouldn't be hard to find one suited to you :P

But seriously though you may want to give out a few more requirements

What type of neck joint construction?
Pickup layout?
Anything else you want?

Though I'm thinking you might be thoroughly restricted with choice to high end-ish gear.

those are two brands that I would check out.
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Schecter Hellraiser is a great mid priced guitar for metal heads

Give me a guitar with EMG's, a maple top, fixed bridge, and a set neck and I'm set to release some destruction with it

Oh, it's about $700-$800 too, not bad if you ask me
Sorry about the lack of info in the op.

I'd like humbucking pickups, im a fan of seymour duncan, emg is acceptable but sometimes i find their pickups to be a bit bland. pickups itself doesnt really matter i can switch em out

Preferably a neck through guitar

But really, im very open to anything, i havent tried many guitars

The petrucci is something i've heard ALOT about, so i might check that out,
i've also played the hellraiser, i liked it, not hard to try one, considering every local band around here uses one ( :

Oh and btw, if anyone wants to suggest B.C. rich or Dean, Ill pass ( : tried some, hated them