hey all.

im really into metallica but i dont no what songs are the easier ones to learn.

what would be a good first metallica song to learn or the first few songs to look at
Tom Morello

Arm The Homeless!

Seek and destroy
enter sandman
the four horsemen

None of those are really difficult its just a matter of building speed
*lust list*
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The Unnamed Feeling (if you like the St. Anger album) and Enter Sandman is always a good one
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I started by playing random riffs of songs I liked of Metallica like Enter Sandman and Master of Puppets but then it just sorta turned into me starting and finishing Seek and Destroy. I found its the best song to learn when you are just beginning cause it is very straight forward. Also try playing some Four Horsemen... its not that difficult once you build your speed up.
The First Metallica song, I learned was Master of Puppets, which was 5 years ago.
I still play it on a daily basis now.

EDIT: Don't learn this one first.
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