I'm writing this for a poetry contest for a local newspaper.

Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas! At last, it is here!
So deck all the halls and sing out with cheer!
Drape all of the lawns with bright bulbs of red
and wrap thick scarves around all of our heads.

‘Tis the season of hope and the season of love!
So push and shout and tussle and shove
to the shelves; consumerism works fast!
The race goes not to the slow; victory, not to the last.

Christmas; it’s a time of peace!
So bury your hatred in wool and in fleece.
Let it burn like chestnuts atop the hot fire;
the kindling of malice makes a beautiful pyre.

It’s a time for merriment! That’s for sure!
So disregard the homeless; forget about the poor!
Feed your desires for tinsel and lights
and keep them ablaze through the cold winter nights.

It’s a time to gather! To greet and to meet!
So don’t let the biting frost slow down your feet!
Trade your soul for a candle and burn up both ends!
Drown your pain in alcohol and the presence of friends.

It’s an excuse for excess; an occasion for glee!
So tear down your savings and stand up a tree.
Wrap it with confetti; hang a star on the top;
Spend, lie, cheat, steal and decorate ‘til you drop.

Oh joy! What a wonderful year it has been!
How decadent, spiteful and teeming with sin!
‘Tis now Christmas Eve and the end is in sight.
To the quick, all the spoils; to the dead, a good night.

The title isn't exactly concrete yet and I'm not satisfied with it's non-conformity to any rhythm pattern, but every time I try to make it fit any pattern it seems to "mess up" the meaning.

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

-Jimi Hendrix-

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Suprisingly meaningful. Didn't know what to except when I started, but overall a nice lyrical journey.
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