I'm planning on buying a new mid to high end guitar in the near future and wanted some of the pit's meritorious* advice. This guitar would be used primarily for metal and shredding. Some specifics that sound appealing are 24 frets, floyd rose or similar w/ locking nut and not too thick of a neck. It'd also be nice if it makes girls want to do me

I'm looking to spend no more than $1500 and so far Carvins are seeming pretty tasty but I'm not sure what models fit my styles the best. I haven't decided on active or passive pickups either so advice is appreciated and I've heard that pickup swapping w/ Carvins can be a pain.

I currently play an Ibanez RG350DX and a Fender Strat Hwy 1 and I like the higher string tension on the Strat if that makes any difference.

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Amp first.. You might find a nice guitar that sounds okay through the Spider but something else will sound much better through a better amp. If you are planning on another SS amp, you are best leaving active pups out of the equation. Very few SS amps can handle their output nicely.
So, if you get a decent valve amp, something like my Cort would suit perfectly and save you quite a bit towards that amp. You get Mahogany body, Maple neck with Ebony board. 24 frets, EMG 81/85, a pretty good LFR, custom inlays and very handy metal controls with rubber grip rings. More use than you might think. The neck is slim but not Wizard thin but the big radius and quite wide dimensions make shredding a pleasure.
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I'm not interested in Corts.

So I need an amp, are the combos any good, say the Peavey 6505 112 60W 1x12?
yeh, id say new amp, if not corts, (corts are epic btw :P) maybe take a look at a couple of prs guitars?
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RG3550MZs are some of the sexiest guitars ever made. And they're's right at your price range. Hell, I would do you if you played the Roadster Orange one.

Then there's the S5470 or an ESP Horizon. Equally good but not as sexy.
$1500?? an ESP Horizon FR sounds like it would be good for you, although only once you get a new amp. in your budget maybe a used Mk4 Mesa?? or even a Carvin Amp, i haven't played one but Steve vai uses them and has a signature model and it is GODLIKE sounding
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Maybe I was a little obtuse towards Cort because I hadn't heard of them before. But keep the good suggestions coming.

The Ibanez's look real nice but what puts them ahead of something like a custom Carvin V220?

As for the amp I don't need much just enough to jam and maybe small gigs. I'd like a tube but I don't want to spend much (<$800 maybe?).
ESP Horizon or ESP M-II either one would suit you fine mate it's just preference on carved top or flat top.