So, I have a Jackson DK2S with a Floyd Rose bridge on it. I know for a fact that if I take ALL the strings off it will ruin the tension and stop the bridge from floating, which can take a while to sort out. I however do want to give the fretboard and body a bit of a clean. Would it be OK to remove 3 Strings from the guitar clean the area round there then replace the strings and do the same with the other 3?

Thanks in advance
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Insert a block of wood or something similar in the tremolo cavity between the trem block and the wood under the spring. If you do this right when you take all strings off the springs will pull on the block and that won't go anywhere because you have an item blocking the trem from sinking.

Man I hope that made sense other wise I'll chuck a pic explaining what I meant.
Yer its all cool man you only need to leave one string on and you will be fine, although it is definitely a good idea to not take off more than 3 strings at a time. If you are worried about the bridge leaning backwards, just chuck a rubber or something in the back of the bridge. (Under the string clamps)
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Yeh you can take all the strings off at once, you just need to block the bridge before you do it.
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Yeah do what azn_guitarist said. Remove the Trem cavity plate on the back of the guitar and insert a block of wood between the guitar body and the trem block.
even a couple of playing cards or credit cards or something like that under trem between the cavity and the guitar's top should work. Advantage of that being it's much easier to get it to fit than a piece of wood. just be careful you don't scratch the guitar's top.
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It's not hard to reset a Floyd to begin with. When the guitar was made there wasn't strings magically in place for the Floyd, someone had to string it up without any strings on it to begin with at some point.

If for some reason you find yourself in that situation, put all the strings on the Floyd but don't tune any of them to correct pitch. Increase the tension across all strings gradually until the bridge rises out of the body a decent amount, then begin the tuning process. That's how I've installed Floyd's on guitars I've routed or built the last few years
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