Lately my band and I have been getting better, and we are hoping to release a demo soon enough (nothing spectacular, just so people can hear what we sound like through Myspace.)

I've been looking at 4 track recorders (the ones with two inbuilt microphones and have 2 inputs for external mics) and don't want to spend over $600 (Aussie dollars, by the way.) I also plan to buy microphones, as I doubt the stock ones would be anything exceptional

I've been mainly looking at the Zoom H4n, but I have no idea how it would handle high amounts of gain (we play thrash metal.) Are there any other decent recorders around for this price? Would this work with high gain?

Thanks in advance
How about, for starters, just setting yourself up like you usually do for a live gig and have someone record you guys from, say 20 feet in front, through a stereo mic and recorder, like a Yamaha POCKETRAK, or a Tascam DR-07, or a Zoom H2, or that Zoom H4 ?